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Roll On Neozen Depilatory Wax - Azulene - 110 gr.

Roll On Neozen Depilatory Wax - Azulene - 110 gr.

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Roll On Neozen Depilatory Wax - Azulene - 110 gr.

Low melting hot wax. It offers maximum effectiveness even on the most rebellious hair, thanks to its application temperature that allows for a total opening of the pores. Recommended use for face and body.

Blue wax has a stronger grip and start-up and is therefore almost perfect the first time. Pain sensation is low.

The application of roll-on wax is an excellent alternative to the conventional method of epilation, in addition to being an economical option that allows epilation of different areas.


  • low feeling of pain
  • Effective epilation on even the most unruly hair
  • Strong and effective hair pulling

Packaging : 110gr.

How to use: Place the roll-on on a handle, let it heat for 30 to 50 minutes, then clean the skin with a pre-epilatory lotion or aloe vera gel, not only to clean it but to remove any residue on the skin. The ideal is to apply a little talcum powder if the skin is damp to ensure that it is completely dry and allow the wax to adhere well. Slide the roll-on pulley over the skin, in the direction of hair growth and pull out with a band in the opposite direction, holding the skin tissues well. 

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