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Hot Cellulite Gel

Hot Cellulite Gel

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Byotea's warm effect cellulite cream is ideal for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat. Effectively promotes drainage and water retention, improving lymphatic drainage.

Ingredients :

  • Caffeine - It has lipolytic properties and drainage of stagnant liquids. It reduces the circumference of liquids in the areas most affected by cellulite, reshaping the body silhouette.
  • Arnica - Mountain plant widely used to reduce bruises and edema. Soothing, decongestant action, improves blood circulation.
  • Carnitine - Natural acid that increases the metabolism of lipids, inducing a reduction of lipids. Increases the body's energy consumption, contributing to the reduction of fat mass.
  • Nicotinate - Thermogenic molecule that improves blood circulation, heating the cold areas of cellulite. Beneficial hot action that causes localized hardening and heat.

Packaging : 500ml

How to use : Apply a generous amount of cream to your hand or massage until fully absorbed.

About Bytoea

Byotea is the new professional line from Pettenon Cosmética, with products of natural inspiration to enhance the beauty of each person. A complete range of cosmetic products for the treatment of facial and body imperfections, respecting the physiological balance of our skin. We apply organic extracts, essential oils, active ingredients of natural origin, vegan products, professionalism and functionality. The products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. We do it without the use of parabens, petroleum jelly, paraffin, OMG, SLES/SLS.

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